Sunday, May 27, 2012

With a smile as big as the sun in the sky...

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... lovely Jules got married to handsome Karsten here at Lunga. With a fabulous vintagey in a little castle by the sea style, there was chintz and china and hearts and tunnock tea cakes and scones with jam and cream and big bowls of strawberries. The madeira sponge cake made by a friend and dusted simply with icing sugar was enjoyed by all.  Guests gave up their kilt socks in favour of flip flops, so hot was the day. Friends sat on rugs on the lawn beside the arbor drinking tea and mojitos and listening to a fabulous play list of music that had everyone chitter chatting all day long.

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In honour of the new German side of the family, Jules' dad started off his speech with a Cabaret routine complete with top hat and cane. We peaked inside the door to watch and laughed as much as the guests even though we were all behind the scenes. We clambered down the rickety steps balancing china platters of scones and jam. We kept the beers cool in a wheelbarrow under a shaded tree.

And throughout it all I don't believe that there was a single moment when Jules wasn't smiling with a smile that didn't just melt the heart of her lovely lovely gentlemanly new husband. She touched all of our hearts as well.

Congratulations Jules and Karsten. We will remember your day for a very long time to come.xx

PS Official photographer's photographs to follow. These are just  a wee taster for you to enjoy.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lunga at its winter best and a very beautiful bride!

I don't know if you remember but last year we ran a Valentine's weekend competition. The winners were Julie and Douglas and last weekend they got married. Here at Lunga. 

Photographer Bill Baillie took some stunning pictures on a day that saw clear blue skies and snow flurries in equal measure. Julie looked absolutely beautiful, reducing both dad, brother and husband to be to tears when they set eyes on her for the first time on the day.

Log fires blazed, candles flickered in every room. Ivy and pine cones adorned the fire places. This was a very very beautiful wedding. I'll add the link to Bill Baillies beautiful photography when he's updated his own blog, but in the meantime, enjoy a taster of the day here.

Photography by Bill Baillie of Rainy Cloud Images

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Come back soon Alison and Stuart. We miss you!

From the very outset, Alison and Stuart were determined to enjoy not just the wedding day itself, but the planning and the preparation into which they put so much thought. They visited Lunga on several occasions, taking the opportunity to spend time time in Oban visiting the Flower House and the Oban Chocolate company.

They got to know the house, and all of us. We loved their relaxed excitement. We loved hearing how their plans were coming together and the fun Alison was having with the detail. She brought candelabras and lovely chair covers. Sprinkled fairy dust.

The day itself was very much a family day with Alison and daughters enjoying a morning of pampering and champagne. Granddaughter Ruby captured all of our hearts.

Stuart relaxed with his best man. Babysat. Welcomed guests with his huge smile and waited impatiently for lovely Alison to make her way towards where he stood in the dining room. And that moment. That moment when they glanced at each other and smiled. That moment is the one I remember the most. Beautiful.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Maggie and Oliver - the most relaxed, lovely, Lunga couple

Maggie and Oliver decided to get married at Lunga on the basis of one phone call. Both based in Singapore, they trusted that this lovely little castle was the perfect place for them to gather together their family and friends from all over the world to celebrate their wedding. If they were nervous about arriving here a couple of days before getting married without ever having been to Lunga, they didn't show it.
On arrival, Oliver described it as beyond their wildest dreams. Beyond their expectations. Beyond everything they could have hoped for. And everyone involved in making their day so special was rewarded with smiles as big as the ocean. All weekend long.
The lovely charlotte from Lotte and Bloom decorated  the fabulous cheesecake, which guests enjoyed with vintage port after dinner and throughout the evening.
We loved all of the details, co-ordinated online from their home in Singapore.
Maggie and Oliver  walked together to where friends and family waited..
..passing the piper and the harpist along the way...

..carrying the loveliest of bouquets that looked like it had just been picked, which is precisely how Maggie wanted it to be.. and precisely how Charlotte made it to be..

And under a tree, with the sun shining on a cloudy day, and a slanty lawn and his and her Lunga tweed chairs and guests casually gathered to watch, and to enjoy and to share in this special special day..

...lovely, lovely Maggie and Oliver got married!!

Have you ever seen such happiness!

I'll be posting Nick Kirk's fabulous photography of the day just as soon as he forwards it to me and food shots of the vegetarian meal in Lunga's lovely ballroom are coming soon on my food blog.

Maggie and Oliver are quite possibly the kindest hearted couple I have ever met. They brought us gifts. They brought us smiles. And they brought us a wonderful collection of friends and family happy to share a lovely lovely celebration. Safe travels, Maggie and Oliver. We hope to hear from you soon!
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