Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Come back soon Alison and Stuart. We miss you!

From the very outset, Alison and Stuart were determined to enjoy not just the wedding day itself, but the planning and the preparation into which they put so much thought. They visited Lunga on several occasions, taking the opportunity to spend time time in Oban visiting the Flower House and the Oban Chocolate company.

They got to know the house, and all of us. We loved their relaxed excitement. We loved hearing how their plans were coming together and the fun Alison was having with the detail. She brought candelabras and lovely chair covers. Sprinkled fairy dust.

The day itself was very much a family day with Alison and daughters enjoying a morning of pampering and champagne. Granddaughter Ruby captured all of our hearts.

Stuart relaxed with his best man. Babysat. Welcomed guests with his huge smile and waited impatiently for lovely Alison to make her way towards where he stood in the dining room. And that moment. That moment when they glanced at each other and smiled. That moment is the one I remember the most. Beautiful.

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