Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Very very very laid back.

Little weddings are lovely here at Lunga. All you need is a handful of friends and family, good food, sunsets, lovely Lunga people in the background magically making things happen et voila. A lovely little Lunga wedding.

Ruth and her family arrived this afternoon and the sun came out. We barbequed: Barbreck Farm lamb and rosemary sausages, mackerel on a stick, tinfoil wrapped seabass with lemon and butter, roasted red peppers with handfuls of basil. Roasted shallot tarte tatin. And meringues and strawberries and cream, shown off to perfection in a lovely glass bowl that I found in a charity shop earlier today.

A lovely antique glass bowl to show of rose water meringues

Good food. Guinness. Could life be any more perfect

The ceremony tomorrow is a little weather dependent - Ruth would like to get married in front of the pond and so we need the sun to shine. Please. Not that Ruth is overly concerned. She is as relaxed as relaxed can be. And everything is going to be alright.

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