Thursday, September 15, 2011

A lovely little Lunga wedding

From Lunga, you can arrive at the lovely little island of Seil (previously home to Princess Diana's mother) by boat or by road. Over the sea, in a howling gail and rain and waves, it's a short and adventurous trip - skippered by a local seadog who knows the local waters like the back of his hand. The Isle of Shuna to port, the hills of Mull and Jura in the heavy clouded distance. By road, you head North towards Oban, cross the tiny little bridge over the Atlantic onto Seil Island, past the 18th Century pub, Tigh an Truish (where long ago kilts weren't allowed and the men would stop at the hostellry and swap their kilts for trousers - hence the name 'House of Trousers),  and then a winding, hilly drive to the lovely little Kilbrandon Church, with it's beautiful stain glassed windows and hill top setting.

Carol and Stephen journeyed by sea, welly - walked towards the church where a handsome piper in a soggy busby and wind lifted kilt played Highland Cathedral. They spoke their vows, and laughed and cried, then followed the piper back down to the tiny pier where the little Luing ferry tooted its horn and passengers clapped and did a wee highland fling as handsome piper piped 'congratulations.' Heading back to Lunga they drank champagne and huddled warm in the cockpit. In the evening,  I fed them lobster thermidor - the biggest lobster I have ever seen with enormous claws.

The lovely Nick Kirk (trusty sailor and fab photographer) and I shared the photography as on days like this it really isn't possible to be in 2 places at the same time. Nick spent a lot of the day getting wet, but his spirit was never dampened and I think this is reflected the photos he took, which you can see on the slideshow below. I stayed drier longer, and had fun from beginning to end.

This was a special, intimate, beautiful happy day for two people who travelled far to get married. Carol's smile brightened a dark, damp and blustery day and passers by smiled and waved their congratulations and wished them a long and happy future. All of us here at Lunga wish them the same. 

Carol, calm and ready to head to the church from Lunga (photo carole fitzgerald)

(photography carole fitzgerald)

photography carole fitzgerald

a little tipple at lovely lunga (photo carole fitzgerald)

photo carole fitzgerald

photo carole fitzgerald

photo carole fitzgerald

sharing a kiss before they head down to the pier (photo carole fitzgerald)

how beautiful does carol look (photo carol fitzgerald)

photo carole fitzgerald

photo carole fitzgerald

Stephen's look says it all. (photo carole fitzgerald)

photo carole fitzgerald

pink and flowery weddingtons (photo carole fitzgerald)

Singing and dancing in the rain (photo carole fitzgerald)

photo carole fitzgerald

photo carole fitzgerald

photo carole fitzgerald

Heading down to the pier (photo carole fitzgerald)

All aboard (photo carole fitzgerald)

The lovely photographer Nick Kirk (

Heading to Seil (photo carole fitzgerald)

photo carole fitzgerald

Meeting the piper (photo carol fitzgerald)

How beautiful are the colours of the rain (photo carole fitzgerald)

in and out of kilbrandon church (photo carole fitzgerald)

the little bridge over the atlantic and the little pub - tigh an trush

Dinner for two. (photo carole fitzgerald)
You can see all of Nick Kirk's fabulous photos here. Sit back. Cup of tea. Enjoy.

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