Monday, September 5, 2011

I promised you the most beautiful lovely wonderful Lunga wedding...

I don't really have the words to describe the loveliness of Christine and Scott's wedding. Every single detail was crafted by Christine, mums Bairbre and Heather and sisters and bridesmaids and friends who travelled from all corners of the globe to not only be part of the day, but to make the day. 

I think the pictures tell the story far better than I ever could. Go make a cup of tea. Slice up some cake. Enjoy!

Christine planted teacups and the Lunga's family silver was brought to ife

Christine and mum Bairbre making the stunningly simple floral arrangements

Beautiful Christine

Vicky and Annie, sisters of the Groom Scott, planting their handmade signs

Happy to see each other after a long time apart

A hog roast down at the pier the night before. Everything hand made to reflect their love of the sea and travel

A beautiful paper cut picture crafted by sister Vicky, Christine's button hearts and Scott's mum Heather embroidered the ring cushion

Old old books painted with table numbers mingling with the Lunga family silver

Christine printed the yorkshire rose and the Scottish thistle. Hand stitched napkins for every guest.

Some of my old books 

Roasted vegetables to compliment the hog roast down by the pier and paper napkins found by Christine - decorated with maps of their South coast home town

So it rained. So what! The little pierside home-made bar decorated for the occasion. And a bunch of umbrellas.

Christine asked me to surprise groom Scott with his favourite ice lollies. So I made some as canapes..

..for Christine to enjoy

..and Scott's mum Heather to enjoy

And phew. There were enough left for Scott..

...who didn't stop smiling from the minute he set eyes...

....on his beautiful bride!

Bouquets from the fabulous Charlotte of Lotte and Bloom 

Look! Look! Look! At the detail of Christine's beautiful dress. Hand stitched by her mum.

Christine, in the morning, stringing lace ribbon from the trees

Some fabulous vintage loveliness from Scott's sister, Kate..

..and sister Vicky, who also made the stunning paper cut picture.

Scott's mum Heather reluctantly sharing her favourite tipple

The beautiful paper cut piece of art designed and crafted by Vicky - the groom's younger sister.

White umbrellas lined up just in case and remember those lace ribbons. Look at them now!


A tower of roasted banana shallots 
For starters? Huge slate tasting platters - Scottish chorizo, salamis, smoked duck breast from Great Glen Game and langoustines just landed in Oban bay the morning of the wedding

vintage frames suspended from the arbor

And lovely bride Christine, the morning after, modelling husband Scott's kilt.
This was the most beautiful of weddings. I think you will agree.

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